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I am your partner for professional translations and language services in German, English and Spanish. In addition to general texts, I specialize in the translation of texts from various fields of expertise. During my career as a translator, my wide-ranging client portfolio as well as my positions as German Language Master, Production Success Manager and Lead Translator have enabled me to gain in-depth knowledge in various specialist areas.

You, too, may benefit from my expertise and many years of experience. Receive your individual quote for your translations from the following areas today:


  • Court rulings – decision, trial verdict, divorce decree
  • Contracts/agreements – rental, lease, purchase, employment, contract/agreement
  • General terms and conditions
  • Business agreements – non-disclosure, service level, assignment agreement,

as well as documents, deeds, certificates, etc.


  • Contracts and agreements
  • Texts on occupational safety & quality assurance
  • Offers & tendes
  • Trade/Commercial register excerpts
  • Import/export documents
  • Annual reports
  • Shareholder resolutions and minutes, etc.

 Crypto Currency

  • Website translation of crypto exchanges
  • ICOs
  • Marketing material
  • Knowledgebase articles
  • Affiliate program texts and articles
  • AML/KYC guidelines
  • Press releases and announcements


  • Documents, certificates and attestations for doctors and graduates of medical studies from non-German countries for the purpose of recognition of professional qualifications, etc.
  • Medical studies
  • Medical certificates
  • Website texts
  • Brochures and other specialized texts

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You are in direct contact with the person translating your text. Unlike many agencies, which assign translation jobs to the next available translator as quickly as possible and pocket a considerable share of the order value, when working with freelance translators you can rest assured that the professional you have chosen is an expert in the respective filed and will receive a well-desvered remunaration.

Pascale Thiede

Translator with German University Diploma (equiv. to M.A.)
for English, Spanish & German

Duly authorized translator by the Regional Courts of Berlin and Frankfurt am Main to translate and certify documents and texts

I am happy to assist you with your translations needs.

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