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Certified Translation – what does that mean?

A certified translation is a translation translated and certified by a translator who has been duly authorized/court-sworn/publicly appointed by a regional court in Germany. Depending on the German federal state this translation is also called beglaubigte or bestätigte Übersetzung.

A translation is considered to be correct and complete if it is certified by such a translator by means of a certification note including signature and stamp.

Depending on the federal state in which a translator is duly authorized by a respective court, he/she is authorized, court-sworn, publicly appointed or sworn (ermächtigt, beeidigt, öffentlich bestellt, vereidigt). All these terms describe the same qualification: this translator is authorized to certify the accuracy and completeness the translation of your document or documents and that these translations are thus officially recognized by authorities, offices, universities and other bodies in Germany, and also abroad.

Some countries require an apostille or legalization for your certified translation. If applies to you, please check with the institution to which you have to submit your translation.

If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to advise and support you on your way through German burocracy with my experience and expertise.

When do I need a certified translation?

A document from another country in another language needs to be translated into German and certified if, for example:
You are applying for a residence permit, registering the birth of your newborn at the registry office, you want to get married in Germany, you are going through the recognition process of foreign professional qualifications in Germany according to the Federal Recognition Act, you want to enroll at a university or you are seeking assistance from the Job Center.

Certified translations are required in a wide range of scenarios. As an expert for certified translation, I will be happy to assist you with your request. To ensure that your translation process goes quickly and smoothly, feel free to contact me today.

Process – How do I order my certified translation(s)?

You would like to receive your certified translation as quickly as possible?
Here is how it works:

In a nutshell:
Send your document – Receive your quote – Make advance payment – Receive scan by e-mail – Send approval – Receive your certified translation(s) along with invoice by mail.

Completely digital and contactless order processing

Detailed process: This part includes important information for you.
It is highly recommended to read in full!

Step 1:

I will need your document or certificate as a scanned PDF file.
This is required as I cannot provide you with a quote without haven seeing your document(s). Rough estimates are usually not possible.
For data protection reasons, you may blacken our personal information in your document for the process of preparing your quote.

If you don’t have a scanner close at hand, why not use a scanner app on your smartphone or send me a good quality jpeg file. The most important thing is that the text is completely visible, ledigble and not cut off at the edges.

Please note that on the front as well as on the back of your document, remarks, stamps, seals, marginal notes, coats of arms, emblems, handwritten text, etc. require translation, if possible, or I may need to add a translator´s note.

In advance, please check with the authority to which you intend to submit your translation if there are any special requirements, e.g. the original document must be presented for translation.

You need more than one copy of your certified translation? Or, you need your translation done urgently? Please be sure to include all this information in your request e-mail. If the workload is feasible for your timeframe, I will make sure to help you with your urgent request.

Step 2: You will receive your quote, including turnaround time and further important information to ensure that your translation journey goes smoothly, and I may translate your documents as quickly as possible.

Step 3: After placing your order, please make an advance payment of the total amount by bank transfer or Wise. Please indicate your name.

Step 4: As soon as your payment has arrived, I will translate and certify your document. In the certification note, I will confirm the accuracy and completeness of your translation with my signature and stamp. Then, you will receive a scan for approval.

Step 5: In the last step, I inseparably attach your translation to a copy of the source document (at least not without damaging the document) and send it to you by mail (standard shipping).
I am happy to send your document by registered mail at additional charge. In this case, your advantage is that your shipment is insured and may be tracked with a tracking number.

Put the translation of your documents in the trustful hands of a professional tranllator. Please send me your documents and receive your individual quote today.

What is an apostille? Will you obtain it for me?

An Apostille confirms the capacity and the signature of the duly authorized translator or the authenticity of an orignal document and is a simplified legalization procedure.

You may need an apostille, if you need to use your document, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce decree, power of attorney, court judgment or diploma/Bachelor or Master degree, in foreign country. Without an apostille, such document may not be officially recognized abroad. Please make sure, you ask the institution for which you need your certified translation if an Apostille is required in your case.

You may obtain your apostille at the Berlin Regional Court:

What is a legalization?

An legalization also confirms the authenticity of a document or the signature as well as the capacity of the issuer.
On the website of the German Foreign Office, you may find out whether you need a Hague apostille or a legalization for your document or whether a confirmation of authenticity is not required due to international treaties.

Will translations certified in Germany be accepted abroad?

Usually, translations certified by me are accepted and recognized abroad without any problems. However, please always play it safe and be sure to ask the foreign office or authority in advance which requirements must be met. For example, does the original document have to be legalized beforehand? Or is it necessary to include certain information in the certification note?

If you know this beforehand, you may save yourself a lot of time and possibly high costs later.

Does the original have to be presented for translation or does a copy suffice?

Originals only need to be presented to me if this is a requirement of the authority, university or office for which you need your certified translation. To be on the safe side, please always ask whether your translation has to be done from the original.

Can I come to your office without an appointment?

You always need an appointment. Please call or e-mail me to schedule yours.

Please NEVER come by without an appointment.

BTW: Your translation job can be done conveniently online and by mail, without personal contact. For more information, please read the section Process – How do I order my certified translation(s)?.

I need to certify original documents or copies. Do you do that?

No. As a duly authorized translator by the regional court, I am authorized to translate certificates and documents and to certify the accuracy and completeness of my completed translation with my stamp and signature.

Depending on the type of certification you need for your original document, you may need to contact a notary public or a competent office/authority.

I need a certified translation from English to Spanish or vice versa. Can you take care of it?

As I am duly authorized by a German court and the court language in Germany is German, translations must be done from English into German and then from German into Spanish or from Spanish into German and then into English. Translating from one foreign language into another foreign language is not possible without the detour via German. On the one hand, this results in higher costs, since I need to do two translations, and on the other hand, it is questionable whether a translation of a translation will be accepted by the relevant authorities abroad.

To be on the safe side, please always check with the office to which you intend to submit your translation which requirements must be met.

For an application for a visa in an English-speaking country, the following information should be provided on the certified translation: Date of translation, translator's name and signature , translator's contact details and confirmation from the translator that it is an accurate translation. Is it possible?

Yes! My English certification note includes all of the above.

Pascale Thiede

Translator with German University Diploma (equiv. to M.A.)
for English, Spanish & German

Duly authorized translator by the Regional Courts of Berlin and Frankfurt am Main to translate and certify documents and texts

I am happy to assist you with your translations needs.

Would you like me to send you a quote for your document? Have your documents translated and certified by me as an duly authorized translator? Order a professional translation of your coporate text? Or discuss your translation needs and requirements with me personally?

Please feel free to send me your request using this contact form including your files and questions. You will receive your reply in no time. I will answer as quickly as possible. Please upload your file(s). I need to review and analyze your documents to provide you with your individual cost and time estimate.

During business hours (Mon - Fri 8.30 am - 5 pm), you can call me at any time, or use my Call-back and Whatsapp service, or send me an e-mail.

Still waiting for your quote? Please check your spam folder. Sometimes e-mails do not make it to your inbox.

Appointments at my office are ONLY possible, if prearranged.
Please never show up WITHOUT having an appointment.

FYI: Your translation order may easily be fullfilled and finalized digitally, without any personal contact.
For more information, see the FAQ section.




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