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I am Pascale Thiede, Founder & Owner of Thiede Translation

From the West to the East – from Mannheim via Heidelberg and Frankfurt am Main to the German capital Berlin

Hi, I am Pascale Thiede and I am originally from Mannheim, Baden-Wuerttemberg.
I have spent quite a long time in English and Spanish speaking countries. Now I live and work in Berlin with my family.

THIEDE TRANSLATION is located in the heart of Pankow´s district Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin.

Already in school, languages were my favorite subjects. In addition to German, English and French, I took Latin and earned my Latin proficiency certificate. After graduating, I began to learn Spanish, later Portuguese, then Norwegian and several other languages. My passion for languages and other cultures paved my way to my university studies majoring in Translations.

In 2009, I graduated with a degree in Translation in English, Spanish, and German from the renowned Ruprecht-Karls University in Heidelberg.

Following my university studies, I worked as a project manager and translator at an international translation agency. During this time, I gained extensive knowledge of the translation industry, reaching from customer acquisition and quotes to order processing and fulfillment, customer retention, invoicing, and much more.

In 2011, I founded THIEDE TRANSLATION aiming to support my clients with
high-quality translation services in English, Spanish and German. Since then, I have successfully worked as a freelance translator. I have been duly authorized by the Regional Courts of Berlin and Frankfurt am Main for English, Spanish and German. This authorizes me to certify the accuracy and completeness of my translations, helping numerous people to overcome bureaucratic obstacles at government agencies, offices, universities, consulates, embassies and other offices. In particular, I specialize in the translation and certification of certificates and documents.

In recent years, I have supported my clients as a German Language Master, Production Success Manager and German Lead Translator with traditional translations but also with language-related services such as project management, editing, proofreading, creating style guides and TOV guides as well as quality checks in a wide range of specialist areas such as Big Data, Life Science and crypto.

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graduated from Ruprecht-Karls-University of Heidelberg


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I am happy to support you and your company in your projects and initiatives providing customized language-related services.
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Pascale Thiede

Translator with German University Diploma (equiv. to M.A.)
for English, Spanish & German

Duly authorized translator by the Regional Courts of Berlin and Frankfurt am Main to translate and certify documents and texts

I am happy to assist you with your translations needs.

Would you like me to send you a quote for your document? Have your documents translated and certified by me as an duly authorized translator? Order a professional translation of your coporate text? Or discuss your translation needs and requirements with me personally?

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